How to choose a pillow: tips and rules

Every night we spend at least eight hours cuddled up with a pillow, so it is very important to choose responsibly. Let’s figure out how to find the right one for a comfortable and healthy sleep
27 August 2020
How to choose the right pillow: tips and rules (photo 0)


It is better to choose a pillow based on the posture in which you usually sleep. If you’re mostly on your side, it’s better to get a tall pillow. If you’re on your back or stomach – then the pillow should be low. For those who are constantly changing position it is optimal to choose something in between or to sleep with two pillows at the same time: medium and low. Low can always be removed if necessary, or, conversely, can be placed under the main pillow.

How to choose a pillow correctly: tips and rules (photo 2)
In Russia, two pillow standards are accepted – the size 70×70 cm, inherited from Soviet times, and a more modern version – 50×70 cm. The choice of size is a question of habit, but now the option of 50×70 cm is chosen by more than 80% of buyers. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, linen manufacturers primarily equip their sets with pillowcases of this size. Secondly, the pillow 70×70 cm is more expensive, because it uses more filler and fabric. And thirdly, such a large pillow is just not needed due to the fact that a person is flipped from side to side while sleeping, which means that it moves horizontally, not up and down. Therefore, the size 50×70 cm is quite enough for a comfortable sleep.


The best fabrics for pillows are natural, such as cotton or silk. The density of the fabric also matters, because a thin fabric is less durable and through it after some time filler particles may come out, which can have a negative impact on your comfort and even on your health. This is especially true for down and feather fillings. Quality down and feather pillows are usually available in teak fabric. Teak fabric has a dense plain weave that prevents down and feathers from penetrating. Also, the denser fabric smoothes out the heterogeneity of the filling, which has a positive effect on the comfort of the sleeper.

How to choose the pillow correctly: tips and rules (photo 5)
Pay attention to the quality of sewing. Crooked stitches, uneven stitches, undoubtedly indicate poor quality production. Quality cushions, as a rule, have either a double outer seam or an inner seam with a decorative edging sewn between the two fabrics. These techniques make the seam stronger.


Down and feather pillows usually contain a mix of down and feather from waterfowl. When buying such a pillow you should pay attention to the percentage of down and feather, because the comfort of the product directly depends on this factor. The down is responsible for the “airiness” and softness of the pillow, and the fine feather for its elasticity and shape recovery. Quality feather- down pillow keeps warm well and quickly recovers its form. If you are buying a down feather pillow, check if the down is natural or identical to natural (that is artificial!).

How to choose the right pillow: tips and rules (photo 8).
A novelty among pillows with natural filling – silk pillows. Inside them – a silk fiber (silk), natural and very friendly to humans. For its chemical composition silk is called the “second skin”. Pure silk is hypoallergenic. Another plus of silk pillows is their durability. If you follow the simple rules of care, the pillow will serve you for a very long time, without losing its original shape. However, not all manufacturers know how to make comfortable silk pillows. It is all about the quality of materials used (filler and fabrics) and the technology of production. The fact that each silk pillow is made entirely by hand, and each manufacturer does it by its own technology. In most cases, dry cleaning is recommended for silk pillows.

Top rating of the best pillows

The top best pillows are opened by the inexpensive version. The filler for this model, the manufacturer chose polyester by 40 percent and eucalyptus fiber by 60 percent. This material is a holder of unique properties, due to which it provides such characteristics as thermoregulation, breathability, hygroscopicity. Also the pillow is characterized by high durability, absence of provoking allergic reactions, as well as special softness indexes.

It will be important to note that the manufacturer made the cover on the basis of cotton and polyester. This is a good choice, as well as eucalyptus fiber, which can not be a place for the development of fungi and pathogens.


rectangular shape;
the price is around 1300 rubles;
after frequent washings will not lose their properties;
can be washed in a machine machine;
retains its shape and volume for a long time.
The disadvantages are out of the question.

Green Foam Visco Mind Bio Double

Distinguished by its rectangular shape. On one side the pillow is the most rigid, and on the other side it is elastic and soft. Accordingly, it is possible to choose comfortable options for yourself, relying on the situation or the season.

The model is made on the basis of combined materials. Plus, there is a memory effect. The material for the pillow includes natural plant components of medicinal type, which promotes a peaceful rest and sleep. The size of the pillow is around 42x72x12 cm.


The sides are rigid. They are different in their characteristics;
The cover is made of cotton, it is removable and has a special impregnation against bacteria and allergens;
The cost of the option is available to many people. It costs around 4,000 rubles.

in contact with the air can be a change in color characteristics. This is quite a natural process.

Dargez Modena

It is filled with siliconized fiber. The cover is made of polyester. It is quilted. For this reason, the filler will not roll, and will only move around inside.

The pillow is able to permeate the air, to remove excess heat, with the important advantage that it does not accumulate moisture inside.

It provides support of the cervical neck and head, not as good as its down or orthopedic counterparts. But note that the price of this option is much lower. Suitable for people who prefer a soft pillow for sleep.


The shape is rectangular;
at a price of about 500 rubles, which is affordable to many people;
The size of the pillow is 50×70 cm;
is hypoallergenic.

a modest lifespan.

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