The best orthopedic pillows for sleep have a number of distinctive features that you should pay attention to when buying. We are talking about the characteristics of height, rigidity, shape, material for the outer finish, filler, cost and other points. Below we will talk about them.

Pillow shapes
Products can be represented by rectangular, anatomic (hem), square shapes. Those who sleep on their side should pick up rollers. This is an anatomical shape that has different heights. All others who sleep in a different position – can pay attention to rectangular shapes.

According to the opinion of orthopedists-specialists, a square pillow is not particularly appropriate for sleep, and therefore it is not worth buying. This is due to the fact that the relevant studies have been conducted, which proved that the pillow should not go under the shoulder area. It is worth supporting the cervical area and the head.

Height readings
Here it is worth relying on the postures in which a person is accustomed to sleep. If it is on the side, the height readings should be in exact accordance with the shoulder width – 10-14 centimeters. It is worth measuring your readings by asking for help from a tape measure. The measurement should start from the neck area to the end of the shoulders.

Those people who sleep on their stomach or back should pay attention to low pillows. It is 8-10 and 6-8 centimeters. Here it is worth designating that men need products much higher than women. The height readings will depend on how hard the mattress is. The softer it is at the base, the lower you need to take the product.

Hardness parameter
Here again, you should pay attention to the position in which you sleep. The most rigid characteristics of pillows are suitable for those who rest on their side, as it is important to pay attention to the cervical department. In the case of sleeping on the back – medium stiffness, and on the stomach – a soft pillow.

Features of the filler
Choosing which pillow is better, pay attention to the filler. On its properties will depend on ensuring the correct position of the spine, as well as the support function. The best today is recognized Taktile and anatomic filler, as well as foam, which has a memory effect. These options will be able to support the head in the correct position. As you use them will not lose their useful properties, and will be useful for a long time.

Known today and other fillings. This down, feather, sintepon, buckwheat husk and many other options. All of them do not cope so well with the feature of supporting the neck and head, crumpling during use.

Thinking about what kind of pillow to buy, keep in mind that you should replace the product every 6 months. And beware that even with natural fillers should be very careful. Despite the characteristics of environmental friendliness, they can provoke allergic reactions.

What pillows are better to buy: varieties on the market


Pillows are designed for more comfortable sleep, as well as the placement of the head and neck during the rest. They have a special shape in the form of a roller, there are also variants in the form of a rectangle, which has a special notch. Due to this, the pillow is able to prevent deformation of the spine in the cervical area.

In accordance with the special filler, which is presented in the form of several layers, the product will remember the last posture. Due to this, the optimal position of the body is ensured during sleep.

These models are found in the market often, but be aware that there are fakes in the range. Some manufacturers use an orthopedic design, but using a single-layer filling of a classic pillow.

Such products should not be used if there are various diseases of the cervical spine, injuries, osteochondrosis, vertebral displacement, characteristics of increased muscle tone. Also not recommended in cases of chronic pain.

Advantages of

Does not disturb the blood flow in the soft tissues;
Support of the head and neck is elastic;
does not provoke allergies;
has a memory option.

does not change shape;
needs an addiction, and therefore people with insomnia should not buy;
a lot of fakes on the market;
high price;
increased rigidity characteristics;
The edge is hard and high, can provoke pain in the neck area

Today, the range of products and accessories for sleep is truly amazing. It’s easy to get lost in it, choosing the best option for yourself, so we decided to help you by answering the most common consumer questions:

“What is the best pillow to choose?”
“What pillow filler is better?”;
“Does the pillow have an orthopedic effect?”;
“Does size matter?”
“Does the pillow need a cover?”
“What shape should the pillow be?”.
We pay your attention first of all to the most important nuance when choosing a pillow – it should have orthopedic and anatomic effect, just like a mattress. This is necessary in order to provide the physiological position of the cervical spine, taking into account its natural curves. Pillow with orthopedic and anatomic effect will give the opportunity to relax the muscles of the neck, allow them to rest and thus reduce the risk of pinching the intervertebral discs. It is in such pillows support of the head and neck will be carried out very accurately, without disrupting blood circulation in the vertebral arteries and ensuring blood supply to the brain. As a result, this combination of high-quality orthopedic pillow and mattress will allow you to fully sleep and rest, feeling awake in the morning and a burst of energy.

How to Care for a Pillow
In general, the care always depends on the pillow filler. Recommendations for care the manufacturer usually indicates on the label – follow them to prolong the life of the product. However, there are some general tips.

For example, it is not recommended to sleep on a wet pillow or to lie down before hair dry – the filler gets worn out quickly in humid environment, and if the material is not hypoallergenic, this creates favorable conditions for microorganisms to reproduce.

Pillows should be regularly washed or cleaned – again, it all depends on the filler. For example, pillows made of wool or buckwheat husk can not be washed in a machine on any account, but a pillow of synthetic fibers can easily withstand such treatment.

Pillows for adults should be washed or cleaned two or three times a year (again, depending on the filler). Children’s pillows should be refreshed more often, about once every two months. Also, pillows should be aired regularly to get rid of moisture. It is better to choose pillowcases made of natural fabrics – they improve ventilation. Also use special covers with a waterproof membrane: this way the pillow will be protected from sweat and moisture and will last longer.

How often you should change your pillow
It all depends on the filler, but in general, if your pillow is more than three years old, it’s definitely time to buy a new one.

Latex pillows live the longest – it is recommended to change them every three to four years [3]. You should not sleep on feather and down pillows longer than two and a half years, and the same life expectancy for pillows made of memory foam. Pillows with synthetic filling (polyester, artificial down) should be renewed maximum once every two years.

How to understand that the life span of your pillow has come to an end?
Here are some signs:

the filler has rolled up or gathered in lumps;
Your pillow has stains on it that can’t be washed off;
you feel tension or pain in your neck or shoulders in the morning;
you regularly wake up with a headache;
you constantly have to fluff up the pillow (we are talking about feather and down pillows), otherwise it is uncomfortable to lie on it;
if you fold the pillow in half, it stays in this position – normally, the pillow should straighten.

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