How to choose the right size pillow

How to determine the size of the orthopedic pillow
Orthopedic pillow – a very individual thing, so everyone must choose for their own requirements. It should be taken into account that it should only lie head and neck in the most comfortable position. Too high and large – such sewing our grandmothers – bad for the spine, so it is better to abandon such options in favor of orthopedic.

Choosing the size of orthopedic pillow depends on the parameters of the person:

A man of impressive height and weight should stop at the maximum size – 50×70 cm or even more;
The medium set includes the size 60×40 cm. It is suitable for men of average height and weight, women, teenagers;
the smallest size, perfect for children, – 20×30 cm. It is also possible to choose an orthopedic pillow little more than 40×50 cm.
How to choose the height of the orthopedic pillow
How to choose the height of the orthopedic pillow

Parameter such as height is more important than others. If the size can be almost any and it will not depend too much on the comfort of sleep, in this case, the relationship is directly proportional. The desired height is calculated based on the clearance between the bed and the neck.

To choose the right height, one must also consider one’s favorite sleeping posture. If a person is used to sleeping on his back, the best option for him is a pillow of 6 to 10 cm, on the stomach – the pillow is better to choose as flat as possible, on the side – you can afford higher options – 12 cm.

Some models of orthopedic pillows allow you to adjust their height, so this option is definitely ideal if your favorite sleeping posture is not available or different people will sleep on it.

Types of fillings and shapes of orthopedic pillows for sleeping
shapes of orthopedic pillows

Such products also differ in their shape. There are three main types:

Classic rectangular pillows, resembling a familiar option. They are the simplest, most versatile, everyone can use them;
with a recess for the shoulder – an excellent pillow for those who like to sleep on their side, as well as obese people, because its height is increased;
With the wave – has two rollers of different height, so it is suitable for sleeping on your side and on your back. Provides an anatomically correct position of the spine, which makes the sleep healthy and pleasant.
Choosing orthopedic pillow, you should pay attention to its filling. This is what determines whether it really has the declared properties. The space inside the pillow can be filled with: highly elastic foam, perfectly repeating the curves of the body, latex, which is hypoallergenic and easy to care for, a highly sensitive material that allows you to get rid of insomnia.

There are also orthopedic pillows with a natural composition – buckwheat husk. It is able to become an excellent option for people suffering from migraines. The only disadvantage of such a filler is short-lived

Why the right pillow is important
The wrong pillow isn’t just a source of discomfort. If your neck is in an uncomfortable position for a long time, it can lead to uncomfortable or even painful sensations.

In general the rule is: when you sleep your spine should be straight and your neck should not bend – which means that the pillow should fill the space between your shoulder and head (if you sleep on your side) or support your neck if you sleep on your back. If there is not enough support and your neck is bent the vertebrae will be moved a bit and consequently the nerves in the cervical spine will be pressed. Because of poor blood circulation or muscle tension you may have a headache – and even if the pain goes away quickly it’s a signal from the body that you should not ignore.

In addition, a bad pillow affects the quality of sleep. Trying to make ourselves more comfortable, we toss and turn and wake up more often, and our sleep becomes discontinuous and shallow. Scientists link lack of sleep with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease [1] and the development of atherosclerosis [2]. Not to mention mild nervousness, reduced concentration and inattention during the day.

In general, if you wake up in the morning with a desire to stretch your neck muscles, a headache or just a systematic lack of sleep, it’s time to change your pillow.

What is the difference between orthopedic and anatomic pillows?
To begin with, you need to understand that the word “orthopedic” means that the pillow is designed to treat and prevent diseases of the cervical spine, which means that you should order it by doctor’s appointment. This pillow has a special shape to keep the spine and neck in the correct position.

Anatomic pillow is made of material that adapts to the shape of the body, repeating the curve of the neck and spine – usually latex or memory foam. The advantage is that such a pillow will help relieve fatigue and relieve stress on the neck muscles. However, when choosing, you should consider the position in which you usually sleep: for example, the “wave” shape (with a small roll under the neck) is not suitable for those who sleep on their side or on the back.

How to choose a pillow size
There are two aspects. The first is the size of the pillow. There are two common standards in Russia: square 70×70 cm and rectangular 50×70 cm. It is to these pillows produce bedding most manufacturers, although square pillowcases are still less common. It should be understood that the square pillow is larger, and therefore more expensive – it requires more filler and fabric. In general, it is a matter of habit. For a comfortable sleep, a pillow measuring 50×70 cm is quite enough.

The second aspect – the height. And here, when choosing, you need to take into account the posture in which you usually back. High pillows are suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their side: the pillow should fill all the space between your shoulder and the ear. Measure the length of your shoulder from the base of the neck to the shoulder joint – choose a pillow of this height.

If you usually sleep on your back, a lower pillow with a height of 8-10 cm will do for you. Perhaps an anatomic pillow with a recess for the head will be optimal. If it is comfortable to lie on it, it is worth choosing this option.

Those who sleep on the stomach are advised to use thinner, almost flat pillows. In this position the neck is already quite tense, so you should make sure that the head isn’t thrown back.

Often change the position while sleeping? Either look for a compromise – there are intermediate options – or buy two pillows at once: low and medium. Low will be able to remove or, conversely, put under.

Not a bad option – a pillow in a pillow, they already offer some manufacturers. Part of the filler can be taken out and thus adjust the height.

Remember the basic rule: when you lie on the pillow, your neck and spine should be straight with a natural curve.

How to choose a stuffing for a pillow
The filler is responsible for the rigidity of the pillow, and this point is also very important for people who have allergies. What are the options?

Down and feather
Modern pillows usually consist of a combination of these materials. The down is responsible for airiness and softness, and the feather provides elasticity. When buying pay attention to the percentage ratio: the more down, the softer and lighter the pillow will be.

The down and feather pillows advantages are natural. In addition, these pillows keep warmth well and quickly recover their shape. The minus is that dust mites appear in feather pillows. In general, these pillows are contraindicated to allergy sufferers, because down and feathers are strong allergens. In addition, down pillows are short-lived: they need to be replaced about every two years.

The wool of sheep and camels is usually used for pillows. The pillows become soft and resilient, hold warmth well and are well ventilated. However, this stuffing can also cause allergies and is short-lived: over time, the wool piles up in clumps. In addition, it is an excellent breeding ground for dust mites, and woolen products love moths. Washing woolen pillows can not.

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