How to transport pillows

Since cushions are not fragile cargo, which can easily be damaged, the main objective in transporting them – to maintain its pristine appearance, that is, just do not stain the surface

How to transport pillows without ruining them ?

In order for the cushion not to lose its volume and functionality it can not be strongly compressed, as it will lose its shape. I recommend taking the pillow with you in the car, especially when moving for a long time it can perform a useful function, so you keep the shape of the pillow and make your trip more comfortable.

How To Pack Bedding and curtains

Vacuum bags can help make small stacks of bulk, pillows, curtains, and linens. Vacuum them and wrap them in stretch wrap. To make carrying bags without handles convenient, make them out of duct tape or stack everything in one bag.

Useful storage ideas for bedding, blankets, and pillows after moving into a new home

It is assumed that, as well as closet items, bed linen (both adult and child), blankets of summer and winter versions, pillows of all sorts of sizes should be stored in an organized manner, take up minimal space on the shelves of cabinets and remain available, clean and neat if necessary.

Ways and places to store blankets, towels, bedding and pillows are quite similar due to their dimensions and convenient folding, so further we will talk not about any particular category, but about the general concept. The only thing worth emphasizing is that the storage areas should be organized as close as possible to the places of direct use of home textiles – it’s convenient and just logical.

We propose to allocate two such rooms in the new apartment:

  • bedroom (or bedrooms) if they have roomy closets, space under the bed or just free space;
  • pantries/closets/closets – with proper organization blankets and pillows will not take up much space.

Let’s move on to possible ways to store blankets, plaids, bedspreads, pillows and numerous sets of linens; there is absolutely no way to do without these items, but alas, they sometimes take up unnecessarily much space.

The linen closet

It is excellent if such a necessary thing is present in your furniture: all that remains for zealous owners is to disassemble the necessary and unnecessary, favorite and not so, used right now or, apparently, for a long time doomed to wait for their happiness to be used. Smooth, neat stacks of bed linen, rolled up blankets and pillows – all of it will surely find its place in this closet.

Keeping home textiles separate from your clothes is not only smart, but also hygienically correct. Germs, dirt, insects can easily get from closet items to blankets and pillows, which is not only uncomfortable to wash every day, but also not recommended. If space allows, it is most convenient to place such a closet in the bedroom.

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